Project: Third Street Cottages
Architect: Ross Chapin Architects
Developer: The Cottage Company
Enough Storage

Small can be beautiful, but it can get cluttered if there’s not room for the stuff of life: vacuum cleaners, suitcases, holiday ornaments, old photo albums, turkey pans, snow tires, bicycles, camping gear, hand tools, and you can imagine what else. Include storage places inside the house — closets, cubbies, cabinets, shelves and attics; and outside — a garage large enough for a car plus the usual stuff, or a separate storage room. Don’t use the porch for storage! When these spaces get filled up, it’s time to give it away! Enough is enough.
Great storage is the backbone of a smooth-running family home. Plan it successfully and it will help reduce (if not prevent) the amiable chaos of family life.
—Judith Wilson, design expert, mom & author,
The Well-Organized Home